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Sheep/Goat Driving Equipment

Every thought about driving your sheep or goat?  Well now you can! 

These are custom made sheep harnesses designed for comfort. They also fit a large framed boer goat. 

Also provided are sheep shafts that are sided for a sheep/goat instead of a mini. A mini shaft will fit, but does stick out much further and can get caught on things. 

Back in 1902 Studebaker came out with a wagon made specifically for Sheep, Goats or a Dog. It was made for children to hitch up their animals and paly and be able to haul things around. Sheep are not ment to carry heavy loads. More so for small loads and for display

Please remember when you hitch up your sheep you do not overload them. They are not a horse or even a mini horse. Sheep cannot carry heavy weight and it is preferred on mostly flat/ level ground.  Goats can carry a little more weight than a sheep. This is mostly for fun, to haul children and display in parades. 

Most carts made for mini horses can be used, just make sure it is not over loaded. Just because a cart can hold the weight does not mean the sheep can pull it. 

Wethers are great for driving! (none intact male sheep)

We currently are not making more harnesses, but you can contact Bowman Harness in Mt Hope Ohio and have them custom made for you. Just ask for the Sheep Driving harness. Lead time is a few months. 

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