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Our Farm

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We have a horse park on the property as well. We have Mt Trail Events (Horse obstacle course), Mounted Archery competitions and Ranch Riding Shows. Along with a Horse friendly Campground, Arena and Pavillon that we enjoy hosting events at.


Our Sheep

We are participating in the Valais Blacknose Sheep Breed up program along with purebreds. 

We have quality Registered Wensleydale & Gotland Sheep for fiber, Registered Katahdin's for meat. Along with Suffix/Hampshire 4-H lambs (very limited)

Every spring we have lambs for sale!

Coming soon - we will have wool items for sale!


Our Goats

Quality Boer Goats on the farm. Breeding for quality and color. We have dapples, paints, reds and traditional. We do not house them with our sheep so that everyone can get the most out of what they personally need



Our  Pigs

Top quality bloodlines by McCoy Genetics! Be sure to check out our Facebook page when babies are born. These babies will be your next winners for sure!

We also have Spotted Poland reg pigs as well. 



Our Yaks

Our heard of 9 yaks joined the farm in 2023. All these ladies came from a bad situation. We hope to get them healthy, and they can live out their time on the farm as a fiber animal. They have beautiful wool that sheds in the spring, will see if we can get them brushed safely this year!



Lots of eggs come from our 12 chickens that get to run the farm. And some even hide and surprise us with chicks!


Rare Blue Slate Turkeys

One of these days we hope they hatch some nice babies, but we see why they are rare!

Here's what we've been working on ~ Growing and Showing off our Valais Blacknose Sheep

Come Meet our Famous Valais Blackface Sheep (F1) "Fraser"

He is our farm mascot that gets to travel everywhere and meet everyone!

(Pictured with Santa at the local store PBS Animal Health December 2022)

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